Our Facility

Game On! Sports Complex

TSE trains at Flock Entertainment Sports Complex located at 6630 Hamilton Avenue in Cincinnati. For a frame of reference, this facility is approximately 7 miles from Downtown Cincinnati and are centrally located within the 275 loop.

Our facility will provide access and amenities that will help us build the team environment and training structure our elite athletes deserve.

Contact Info
Game On! Sports Complex

6630 Hamilton Ave, Cincinnati, OH 45224

This facility provides:

  • A 4-court practice area which allows for better training and more club-wide development. Lead coaches and directors will be able to work with more athletes in the 4-court set-up.
  •  Better amenities, including:
    • The playing surface (Sports Court)
    • Court time for lessons, tournaments, and more camps
    • Air conditioning and heat
    • Ample on-site parking
    • No lost training time as courts will not have to be taken down and put up during practice
    • A welcoming, comfortable lounge area with TV’s, a fireplace, a full bar, and free Wifi
    • Office space for athlete/team meetings
    • A turf soccer field, regulation basketball court and locker rooms are also on-site.